Cerro Negro and BNB

CCN implemented SAP in order to centralize and standardize business processes.


The challenge of the project was to unify control and management of the company; four different business units, four different information systems, and the geographical distribution of the plants in Córdoba and Buenos Aires (Campana, Olavarría, Pacheco, City of Buenos Aires) should operate with the new SAP system in concert.

As a consequence of the organizational changes that the group was going through, they considered it necessary to implement several improvements in their information systems.

Therefore Cerro Negro chose SAP as the world-class ERP system in order to centralize and standardize business processes, and hired BNB as the consulting company to implement the system.


  • Having a single integrated management system as the only source of reliable information for the entire organization.
  • Unifying administrative processes aligned with the Best Practices contained in SAP ERP.
  • Exercising satisfactory control of the main operating variables that affect the business.
  • Implementing actions aimed at the digitalization of the internal administrative processes.
  • Eliminating administrative tasks that do not generate value.
  • Minimizing costs in system development. Reducing the need for developments aligning the organization with best practices. Planning the future evolution of systems with the implementation of new SAP modules.
  • Having permanent online information available for decision making.
  • Reducing the time spent in closing monthly accounting and in drafting management reports.

SAP solutions

  • Financial Accounting, Purchasing, Logistics and Production were all covered with SAP implementation on the SAP HANA database.
  • FI-CO, SD, LE-TRA, MM-WM and PP were the modules implemented.

DSI solutions

  • Due to the large warehouses, SAP was connected to the DSI mobility platform, operating with mobile devices within the finished product storage area.

General results

  • Substantial improvement of cost and profitability information by product line.
  • Improvements in purchase management and supplier control.
  • Inventory reduction.
  • Dispatch and distribution process improvements.
  • Time reduction in inventory auditing.
  • Accounts payable control and optimization.
  • Inventory optimization and control, also resulting in optimized sales of surplus of finished goods stock.
  • Improved management of the physical space taken up by finished goods.
  • Better information for management.
  • Time reduction in accounting closing.
  • Freight cost optimization with more information available.
  • Improved billing and collection management process.

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