In the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) of Oracle Cloud called Oracle Fusion we can insert the information in different ways. The most common is through the graphical interface of Fusion which is what users use. But when we want to import information from some external source into the ERP, there are two ways to do it. One, importing a .Dat file manually or using the API that Oracle has developed to import the .Dat files automatically. This last system is very useful when we want to make massive loads of information in the Fusion application.

In this article we will focus on the Oracle API part. First of all we have to have define the parameterization of all the data that will travel in the flat file with extension .dat to Oracle Fusion. For example:

MERGE|DocumentsOfRecord|002300|Nomina| Nebrasca

Once we have all the files well defined in a directory that we have selected, we will use the tool that I developed in Java where the Oracle API is integrated.

The application is build with:

  • The WebCenter Contetn Document Transfer Utility for Oracle Fusion.
  • HCM Data Loader Integtration Service.

The WebCenter Content Document Transfer Utility is a java library that provides content export and import capabilities. It’s load a zip file with the DAT files inside to Fusion HCM.

HCM Data Loader is a webservice to import an load the data files on the WebCenter Content server. In the Fusion application you can see all the imported files in the path hcm/dataloader/import.






Below I show the flow diagram of how the program works:

The application interface consists of the following windows:

Main window:

Configuration window:

  1. Endpoint: URL of the oracle fusion.

Template: https://<fusion_product_hub_server>:<port>/ idcplg

  1. User Name: User Name of Fusion.
  2. Password : Password of Fusion.
  3. Path: Set the path where the files you want to consume are going to be.
  4. Button Apply: Save the configuration.

Once we have all the fields defined in the configuration window, we wil go back to the main window and press the Run button. If all the .DAT files are defined well, the contents of the files will be imported into Oracle Fusion. In any other case, fusion will inform us of the failure that has prevented to import the file to Fusion

For more information or downloading the application, access to the following link github.


Alejandro Alexiades Estarriol