At BNB we are working on a SAP implementation project for Via Bariloche, one of most important long distance bus companies in Argentina .

The technology chosen to carry out this project is SAP HANA .

HANA is a technology which is property from SAP, both at software and hardware level, and which enables to have a complete database in memory, reducing the data process times remarkably.

The first challenge we have was to meet the schedule of the Project, as the customer didn’t have the servers.

Throught the IT department, BNB offered an interesting and efficient solution: to start the project at BNB cloud server and then migrate to the client’s physical servers.

This alternative solution proposed by BNB was well accepted from Vía Bariloche. HANA requires some hardware and OS certified by SAP to handle this technology. The OS chosen was Red Hat Linux to get ahead as quickly as possible.

We had to install 4 servers:

  • SAP ECC (database)
  • SAP ECC (system)
  • SAP PI
Browsing manuals, SAP notes, Oracle DB and technical documentation that enables us to approach the system installation as efficiently as possible, we realized we were entering to HANA’s world and acquiring invaluable
Time went by and we and we put in hours and hours of works even a Christmas day and we managed to meet the deadline. The result of this big effort and professional work meant 4 servers running and deadlines met to keep the project going. But more importantly, the expertise acquired by BNB that demonstrates the invaluable professional and human qualities of those who make up this great team.

 BNB and Vía Bariloche, welcome to HANA’s World.

Esteban Agustín García
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