Recruitment is changing in every way. From the way clients interact with potential new hires to the stratification of roles and skills required to fill them HR software and the recruitment industry as a whole is evolving and we must adapt to this change. 
This week BNB attended the CIPD HR Software Show where we witnessed first hand some of the changes that are occurring in our industry and I can confidently say the world is changing – these are exciting times. 
Many innovative companies were exhibiting yesterday, from companies such as BroadBean that allow companies automate job distribution amongst to video interviewing applications (of the iPhone sort no the the recruitment sort) such as Shine all demonstrating how the industry is moving and the paths of adaptation that are now possible. 
A keynote presentation from Matt Burney provided a further insight into these shifts. Matt Identified seven key shifts that are changing the recruitment and talent landscape
  • Every company is becoming a tech company
  • Specialised software is leading to a specialised workforce
  • The bifurcation of labour markets based on skill
  • Full-time jobs being replaced by more flexible alternatives
  • Labour is a national asset that is increasingly mobile
  • Smart companies are following talent around the world
  • The Internet is changing the way people look for Jobs
Of these seven a couple really struck me as key themes of the last few years. The pervasive nature of IT and software are critical in all our lives now and the necessity to be able to use and manage software or IT is imperative in almost any role. From waiting staff to and IT service assistant IT is a part of daily life and we all need the skills to be able to deal with this. As IT providers it is imperative on us to implement systems that are both easy to use and intuitive – indeed where an interface already exists, we need to think seriously about why we would implement another UI; would for example Facebook integration be a better option. 
This need for software management and usability is leading on to another key long term change in the labour markets – the stratification of roles a kin to the haves and have-nots this relate more to IT skills and the technical skills required to perform a role. The labour markets are become both polarised to the skilled and unskilled and within the skilled section those skills are becoming further and further specialised. 

So what does this all mean for us? To us at BNB it presents an opportunity and a challenge. The challenge is to provide recruitment software that addresses the needs of candidates, allows them to showcase their skills and also allows employers to leverage every advantage of these new waves of application. This new opportunity allows us to integrate video interviewing, include various levels of screening within the workflow that provides automated feedback and really provide our clients with a seamless solution from position creating through to onboarding.
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