Sometimes a client needs a tile in the Homepage which opens another homepage with more content reference tiles, pivot grid tiles etc. We can provide this by creating a Fluid Dashboard following these steps:

1. Access the path PeopleTools > Portal > Dashboard > Manage Dashboard Pages Fluid Dashboards

2. Once in the Manage Dashboard Page Fluid Dashboards tab we have to Create a new dashboard page. We must provide the dashboard name and description. We also must choose a parent folder where our homepage link will be created. In our case, we have chosen the employee homepage searching it in the tree, inside Fluid Pages. We can provide our dashboard with security if we need it.

3. After saving this page, we must add the tiles which we want to be shown in our dashboard. To do so, we must push the button “Tiles” and add the desired tiles like we would do in any fluid homepage.

4. At last we access the path PeopleTools > Portal > Structure and Content and look for the employee homepage where we added our dashboard. We check it as required so we can see it when we enter the employee homepage. Once we are finished, we go to the employee homepage and look for our Dashboard tile, if we click it we will see the new homepage with the tiles added earlier.

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