Lets take a quick review of the suite of products SAP offers today, explained by Bill McDermott (SAP CEO).

Basically SAP has five areas areas that cover the business process needs of the modern enterprise.

The whole cloud based portfolio runs on SAP HANA and is built with the user interface SAP Fiori to optimize user experience:

  1.       The digital core is  SAP S/4Hana , the SAP Cloud solution that has embedded  45 years of experience in the ERP history of the company
  2.       Second is the customer experience piece covered with SAP Hybris. This solution is crucial to reach the final customers of the enterprise in the personalized and effective way the digital world asks for.
  3.       Third are the people that can work with  SAP Success Factors and with SAP Fieldglass to find all they need to manage the organizations and companies they work in.
  4.       With  IoT , blockchain y machine learning SAP is reinventing the value chains enabling companies to collaborate and work with other enterprises and organizations in a more fluent manner.
  5.       And  finally  SAP Ariba, SAP Fieldglass and Concur help to manage expenses, as well as the corporate purchasing processes.

Below you can find the link to the interview; it offers a deeper insight  about the  SAP portfolio of products offered.

Read the complete interview here