BNB’s review of UKOUG Applications Conference & Exhibition 2016, an event focused on Business & Strategy, Business Analytics, Cloud, Digital CX, Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft.

Monday December 5th – Day 1

The event started with the UKOUG Opening Keynote: Data driven business by Neil Sholay, Head of Oracle Digital, EMEA.

During the day some great insights were shared from experts along the sessions.

Susan Duncan (Oracle) and Debra  Lilley (Certus Solutions) presented  their session “ABCS HCM Cloud Extension” where they showed how to extend your HCM Cloud using Application Builders Cloud services  and the release 11 API functionality.

Paul Garden outlined some of the dilemmas, worries and concerns that an Oracle ERP manager might face and gave some thoughts on possible solutions. He gave an overview of some of the factors to take into account and some of our key learning from addressing these issues: Cloud vs In-house, 12.1 vs 12.2 Fusion, One Global vs Multiple National Installations, Coping with segregation of Duties, Managing access, License Management, FSG reporting vs OLAP database vs full data warehouse, etc.

Stephen Hughes (Oracle) shared his vision about new features and capabilities in his session “Oracle E-Business Suite: Strategy and RoadMap “.

Cliff Godwin at “Community Keynote: Oracle E-Business Suite: Update, Strategy and Roadmap” discussed how many of the trends are being adopted by Oracle.

“Executive Briefing on Oracle’s EPM Strategy and Roadmap” session was given by Nigel Youell  (Oracle) & Andreea Vasiliu (Oracle). They discussed how Oracle EPM integrates with, and complements, other Oracle applications including ERP and HCM.

Kevin Hudson (Oracle) gave a product and architecture overview  during his session “Online Patching with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2”

User case: sharing our Oracle E-Business Suite -We’re live!” by Patrick Hanson. During this session he shared his experience and lessons learnt (what went well and what didn’t) now they are “live” with a shared service.

Angelo Santagata detailed several design patterns using Oracle PaaS with Saas to solve real-world business problems during his session “Success PaaS4SaaS Patterns with Software as a Service”.

Robin Moffat explained why the use of source control should be seen as mandatory in any software development project. He also brought differents options for integrating OBIEE 11g and 12c with source control tools.

What’s Next for Oracle Customer Experience Business Analytics by Oscar Colino session focused on cloud solutions, however on premises solutions and hybrid approaches were also highlighted.

There were also demos and games at the conference.

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Tuesday December 6th – Day 2

UKOUG Apps 16, second day! We have some highlights for you related to improvements, user cases and demos.

Reshma Mahapatra (Oracle Cloud Specialist) shared success stories to the audience and how Oracle has been the best option in terms of meeting their requirements and preserving security concerns, at the session “Nationwide’s Cloud Adoption: Our success story”.

Richard Bingham during the session “Developing Reports and Analytics in Oracle HCM Cloud” offered the opportunity to discover how Oracle HCM Cloud includes the Oracle BI toolset providing appropriate feature for users, managers and developers to tailor existing reports and create personalized ones.

EMEA & ASIA HCM Cloud Adoption at Ria Financial

BNB & Ria Money Transfer


This session shared not only impressive results achieved but also lessons learnt from the journey in the cloud of Ria Financial, in an interesting, amusing and in-depth discussion of this implementation project.

The aim was to share from the customer and the implementation partner perspective, how Ria Money Transfer is adopting Oracle HCM Cloud as part of an HR transformation ongoing journey.

Three specific topics were presented:

  • The key drivers that triggered the Ria’s journey and the challenges that have been facing.
  • Which is the solution that has been implemented.
  • Lessons learnt from the initial journey to the cloud: the pitfalls to avoid, the quick wins and the low-hanging fruit.


Transforming for the digital age requires your business to upgrade its strategic mindset much more than its IT infrastructure. A CIO’s traditional role has been to use technology to optimize processes, reduce risks, and better run the existing business. But the emerging role of a CDO is much more strategic, focused on using technology to reimagine and reinvent the core business itself.

Helen Sharpless-Willis discussed the journey, the benefits, the strategic value in transforming HR in the cloud from a real user. She presented a simulation from an HR life cycle in prallel with HCM products and also, a customer case study.

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Tuesday December 7th – Day 3

Final day yet another day full of great sessions! 

Nigel Bayliss session “Next Generation of Oracle Database – What’s New in the Oracle Optimizer “ introduced the latest enhancements Oracle has made to both SQL, and specifically analytical SQL, for data warehouse developers. Database 12c contains so many improvements and new features that increase the power SQL and make your code much simpler.

“Global ERP Implementation – Factor for Success” a client-integrator panel, hosted by Celantra System examined the critical components necessary for Oracle eBusiness Suite project success. Hans Kolbe explored the large implementation project, what worked and what didn’t.

” An implementation team needs to keep focus on the fact that, when the project goes live, the accounting, finance and tax users must feel that the management and statutory reporting system will provide the information they need to do their jobs.”

At Jagan Athreya session we’ve learnt how IT Analytics Cloud Service can improve efficiencies of your DevOps operations and optimize customer experience by leveraging application analytics.

Chris Saxon’s session to Developers and DBAs wanting to keep their skills up to date, gave an overview of 12 of the newest features in Oracle Database 12 Release 2 on Oracle Cloud.

During the Community Keynote “Oracle APEX Past, Present & Future” Michael Hichwa revisited the early days of Oracle APEX and shared the principals and continues to drive APEX development 17 years on. He also shared his perspective on how to exploit APEX 5.1 features and future releases.

Ben Bending and Tony Orciuoli’s session “The User Experience of Large Displays: Improving Collaboration and Information Consumption” discussed how users want to interact with large displays, how they would like to share content to a large display from diferent devices splittting up a multi-screen display to show multiple kinds of content. They also shared ideas and use cases from the participants.

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