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Have you ever got lost when looking for Oracle Cloud applications training or material in general? This post is a “live post” (suggestions are always welcome!, please refer to the comments section to share your thoughts) to be a one-stop shop to find the most useful links that refer to Oracle Cloud Applications resources. Please, note that this list is not intended to be an exhausted list with every single MOS document, link, etc. that contains useful material but those sources through which you will find every single piece of information that will help you to implement or support Oracle Cloud Applications.

This site would be the master of all Oracle HCM Cloud Applications (except Taleo) documentation where you will find a comprehensive collection of help topics consisting of FAQs, concepts, examples, videos, demos, pdf guides and much more.

  • Oracle Cloud Documentation Library (Cloud Help Center): This site contains the latest Oracle Cloud material. If you are looking for a page that aggregates all the books, click here. Oracle Taleo Documentation Homepage on OTN is not being maintained by Oracle anymore, as a result of rework that is being done by Oracle to maintain all Oracle Cloud documentation on the same site and with the same format within the Cloud Help Center.

Review release content by following the next steps:

    1. Access Oracle Help Center
    2. Access “Cloud” solutions option
    3. Go to “Applications” tab
    4. Click “Talent Management” link under Human Capital Management section
    5. Click “Review release content” link under What’s New section
    6. Make sure you are on the “Talent Management” section located on the left-hand side menu. If you are not there, click “Talent Management”.
    7. You can use the drop-down list field at the top of the page to change the solution and release. Once selected the desired option, different sections such as, Spotlights, What’s New, Release Content Documents, Release Training or Product Documentation will be displayed based on the option selected for the drop-down list field. Please, note that not all products/release have all sections available.
    8. Please, note that in step 4 you can select any solution/LoB area.
  • Communities to ask for help or help other members!

          Oracle Fusion Applications Community

          Oracle Applications Customers Connect (Only for customers)

      A must-stop if you are looking for training workshops.
  • Useful Documents in MOS (My Oracle Support) (non-exhaustive list)

Information Center: Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (Doc ID 1392507.2)

  • A useful MOS document to get the latest news about Fusion HCM Applications, such as recommended documents, troubleshooting documents, announcements and much more!

Support Center: Oracle Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE) (Doc ID 1552573.2)

  • A useful MOS document to get the latest news about TEE, such as recommended documents, troubleshooting documents, announcements and much more!

All White Papers for Fusion Applications HCM (Doc ID 1504483.1)

Taleo Enterprise Documentation Homepage (Doc ID 1496352.1)

      • In this document, you will find links to useful documents or sites related to the latest releases of Taleo Enterprise Edition. You will find information such us the Data and Universe Dictionaries, Reporting with OBI Subject Areas, excel file with the settings configuration or a spreadsheet file with the Default User Types and Permissions among others.
      This site contains an exhaustive list of all features that are being released within each Oracle Application Cloud. You will be able to filter by product or release number and see the list of features with a description.
      I highly recommend taking the GLPs that are relevant for you based on which solution you work with since you will find very useful material in there.

I highly recommend this blog for developers, since you will find relevant information about how to integrate, extend or customise Oracle Fusion Applications. I would like to highlight a series of articles called “Resource’s Roadmap” which provide invaluable access to content in a visual map-like format across the following topics:

  • YouTube Channels

          Oracle Learning Channel


Don’t get stuck with such amount of information (which would be entirely understandable though) and start by planning your training path and bookmarking those resources (of course, apart from this post which will be updated periodically) that are more relevant to your needs!

Are you missing any relevant site? (I’m sure you are) Please, use the comments section to share your thoughts!!!

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