Advantages and disadvantages of proposing clients to generate Contracts on Workday

Author Alexandra TejadaAlexandra Tejada
Date November 20th, 2020

Nothing speeds the workflow along like a paperless environment. 
Paper consumption means lost hours creating documentation. This might include printing, copying, sending by email, and scanning. That’s not even the tip of the iceberg with costs, though.
Employees spend hours filing paper documents, and companies need space to house file cabinets for those paper copies. Some of those documents, like work contracts,  contain sensitive information, which means that they can’t just be discarded — you have to pay to store or destroy them. Then there are the costs of paper supplies and, of course, the cost to the environment.
Today we have the technology to create a paperless environment in HR Departments. But to make that leap, you need to understand the benefits so that you can communicate them to your board, employees and other stakeholders.
Paperless in HR Department 
Workday offers the possibility to include electronic signature integration to eliminate manual, paper-based processes to help companies like yours.
From sending out the initial offer letter to completing termination paperwork, there are many opportunities to digitize and automate your worker lifecycle processes, saving time, reducing errors, and improving the employee experience. 
What are the benefits to include online signature integration in Workday mean?

  • Time and money saved: Eliminate the need to print, send, scan, and ship documents
  • Faster results: Send documents for signature and get a response from employees in minutes, not days.
  • Increased efficiency: Store and access all documents from your secure cloud account
  • Flexibility to work on the go: Sign, send, and track documents from anywhere on any device: mobile, laptop, tablet, etc.

The best examples to improve employee experience with online signature integration:

  • Offer letter or employment agreement: Create and send digital offer letters that candidates can review and sign on their computers or mobile devices right from within Workday. Not only does this save time, the data automatically transfers between systems when the candidate signs, so HR isn’t stuck manually re-keying data
  • New-hire documents: On a new employee’s first day, spend less time compiling benefits and payroll paperwork, and instead focus on creating an amazing employee experience that helps new hires feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Termination documents: When you create a great place to work, you also need to create a great termination experience. Include in online signature integration the documentation improving the employee experience.
    Including electronic signature integration in Workday is a quick win in getting automation in place within HR Department and maximizing the employee experience.

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