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Workday HCM Implementation

About the Company

A  100% Mexican company with more than 60 years bringing the best juices and nectars to Mexico and the world, sharing the best of mexican  fruits.

They bring the best of the Mexican countryside to more than 40 countries on 5 continents and supply fruit concentrates to the world market, which are used in the production processes of the food and beverage industry globally.  Over 6,500 team members


Multiple tools to bring  a single deliverable. Rework, revisions and additional steps to ensure quality. Waiting time to receive results

Grupo Jumex is seeking to strengthen their Data Integrity, obtain simple, standardized and automated operational processes and also increase horizontal and vertical collaboration in an agile way

Why Workday

By adopting Workday, Grupo Jumex will enable their Digital Transformation with one solution, a single support for the life cycle of our collaborators

Workday Applications

Human Capital Management (Absences, Benefits, Basic Compensation, Onboarding),  Recruiting

+6.500 Team Members
$2M Employees data

Workday HCM Implementation

About the Company

A full-service broker dealer and wealth manager with specialized products and services designed for individual investors, companies, institutional funds, government and foreign investors.

Based in Monterrey, México with operations in Canadá, Venezuela, Colombia, Panamá and United States.

Over 1,100 team members


Lack of integrated systems for HCM processes.  Extensive manual tasks that do not contribute to the necessary agility 

Vector Casa de Bolsa is looking for an integrated platform for the management of human capital, which allows access to the joint exploitation of workers’ information and to provide workers with a digital and mobile experience, helping to retain and attract digital talent.

Why Workday

Workday is the solution that could  accompany Vector Casa de Bolsa in their national and international growth plans.

Workday Applications

Human Capital Management (Absences, Benefits, Basic Compensation, Onboarding),  Talent, Recruiting




+1100 Team Members

Workday HCM Implementation

About the Company

Mango is a Spanish clothing design and manufacturing company based in Barcelona.

Mango was founded in 1984 and the website was created in 1995, and in 2000, opened its first online store.

Mango currently has more than 2,700 stores in 107 countries with over 16,000 employees.


Develop global processes with a simple and effective definition, but without a doubt, the biggest challenge was complying with complex requirements for the entrances and exits in stores and samples of the rotating work schedules of employees. Finally, the creation of the contracts for France.

Why Workday

This implementation will allow all countries to use global processes, providing that all their processes are in one system.

Workday Applications

Human Capital Management (Core, Absences Time Tracking, Basic Compensation, Advance Compensation, Onboarding, Recruiting, Learning, Talent and Performance)

16.000 Employees
100% Mobile adoption
$8K Employees data
+27.000 Stores

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