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We help our clients develop an evidence-based methodology for decision-making processes, taking full advantage of the power of Machine Learning

“Information is the oil of the 21st century, and analytics is the combustion engine.”

Peter Sondergaard

Our use cases

Our services are grouped by type of solution rather than by industry,
since part of the innovation consists of extrapolating the results
obtained to our entire client portfolio

Engagement Analysis

  • Community detection to identify the informal organizational chart and behavioural profiling
  • Identify highly connected and influential organizational members
  • Creating and monitoring key business indicators around the organization’s interactions and network
  • Correlating key employee engagement metrics with organizational network metrics to understand employee satisfaction

Demand and Financial Forecast

  • Estimate of lost sales and correction of sales in time series analysis
  • Forecasting through predictive models in time series based on neural network algorithms
  • Deviation risk using predictive algorithms and simulations based on alternative scenarios
  • Orchestration of data consumption, retraining stages, storage and visualization of results.

Market competition

  • NLP applied to the analysis of the quality of the competitor’s products based on social media reviews
  • Strength and weaknesses analysis of the competition
  • Optimization of information distribution channels to maximize the impact of change management projects
  • Profiling of users of the company and competitors based on their reviews from external sources

Engagement Measurement

  • Identify highly connected and influential organizational members
  • Lost sales and stock out estimation
  • Information distribution optimization channels to maximize the impact of change management projects

Customer Profiling

  • Identification and definition of customer segments based on their lifetime value
  • Identification of customer profiles based on segments and consumption patterns
  • Customer churn risk estimation and survival analysis
  • Recommender systems for tailor-made product suggestions based on customer consumptions

Data Augmentation

  • Development of databases based on information extracted from APIs and Social Networks
  • Development and maintenance of automatic data extraction processes using cloud services
  • Parsing and transformation of unstructured data using advanced NLP tools
  • Consolidation of internal and external data sources to create ML models and KPI dashboards

Talent Optimization & Retention

  • Standardization of performance review scores based on sentiment analysis from natural language feedback
  • Topic analysis and sentiment scores from natural language feedback among employees
  • Feedback summarization and consolidation based on advanced NLP tools
  • Attrition prediction and inference models to identify risks associated with variables of interest

Our services cover the End-to-End cycle

From conception to execution

We know getting the most out of machine learning is challenging. We help our clients from the start.

  • Cycle Data extraction & exploration
  • Cycle Improvement opportunities definition
  • Cycle Prototype modeling
  • Cycle Preliminar results validation
Cycle Cycle
  • Cycle Design of data and models piplelines
  • Cycle Move to production
  • Cycle Support and maintance
  • Cycle Data visualisation and results interpretation

We also know that organizations are part of a dynamic environment, so it is necessary to design registered solutions that allow to maintain an up-to-date business vision. For this reason, our work also consists of the development and deployment of models.

Data Maturity Roadmap Model

What does your business need?

Our main objective is to accompany you as a boosting-business partner in your digital transformation journey.

We help our clients develop an evidence-based methodology for decision-making processes, taking full advantage of the power of Machine Learning

Machine Learning Solutions

+ Custom services
– Packaged solutions

We use a wide variety of Machine Learning technologies to create solutions, adapting each model to the specific needs of our clients.

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