Another Workday Rising event for the books

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Date November 22nd, 2019

Workday Rising Europe, the most important meeting point for Workday’s Community, was hold on November 12-14, 2019 in Milan. It was our fourth opportunity to participate as a Signature Sponsor.

This amazing event gives customers, prospective customers, sponsoring partners, and employees the chance to connect, learn and share their experiences. Every year we arrive with lots of expectations, looking forward to great announcements and to meet customers. By the end of the week we were inspired and satisfied, also grateful for all the great moments we spent together as a team both working and having fun.
One of the main highlights of this event was the Workday Innovation Keynote where members of Workday’s leadership team shared their vision of the future, what’s next for their products and how they help customers in a changing world. The keynote began with Workday Co-Founder and CEO Aneel Bhusri and Workday Co-President Chano Fernandez talking about how Workday is working hard to support customers.
Leighanne Levensaler, chief marketing officer and executive vice president of corporate strategy at Workday, focused on how machine learning is transforming Workday. She also highlighted that from now on customers’ decisions will be easier as they have everything in one platform to plan, execute, analyze and extend.
“Machine learning puts your data to work and has the potential to be as disruptive as the cloud, but it’s not replacing people; it’s about making people more efficient and effective,” said Leighanne Levensaler.
 Check out these Workday Innovation Keynote great announcements:

Workday People Experience

Ali Fuller, senior director of people experience at Workday, introduced Workday People Experience: a personalized, more intelligent employee experience aimed at improving efficiency, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. It will be available for customers to opt in Spring 2020.

Journal Insights and Workday Accounting Center

Barbara Larson, general manager of Workday Financial Management, explained that “Workday’s vision is to leverage machine learning bringing finance into the future. By intelligently automating transactions and processes, we’ll give you time back so you can influence and help grow the business.”
“Powered by machine learning, Journal Insights will surface exceptions as they occur, removing the hurdles from the month-end close,” said Barbara Larson.
She also explained that Workday Accounting Center takes high-volume data from operational systems, like insurance claims or bank loans. Workday’s accounting rules engine will be able to transform those business events into journals, debits and credits for those transactions, enabling one accounting rules engine to drive all accounting.

Skills Insights and Talent Marketplace

David Somers, general manager, Workday talent optimization, talked about the historical difficulty of getting accurate skills and information about a workforce. “Skills insights is a solution that leverages machine learning to mine Workday’s rich data sets, things like performance reviews, feedback, and job history, to create a snapshot of your organization’s key skill strengths and gaps.” said David Somers.
Workday Talent Marketplace leverages talent data to connect the skills and interests of employees with the right internal opportunities, making your organisation agile and able to compete in a fast changing world.

Discovery Boards and Workday People Analytics

Pete Schlampp, senior vice president and general manager of Workday analytics and reporting, presented Workday People Analytics. It uses augmented analytics to give business leaders a view into the most critical business trends in their organization and provide them with an understanding of what is most likely driving those trends—all in story form.
He also detailed how Workday HCM and Workday Financial Management customers will be able to visualize data to understand their people and financials, detect patterns, and discover insights. “We’re taking our data discovery technology from Prism Analytics and making it available to all Workday customers using the data sources and security you’re accustomed to. It’s called Discovery Boards,” shared Pete Schlampp.

Workday Experience: Customer Satisfaction, Role-Based Dashboards & Workday Success Plans

Emily McEvilly, senior vice president of services at Workday, shared another great announcement: Workday Success Plans, a new way to be in a continuous adoption mode. It helps customers in the adoption of new technologies and features by providing feature adoption planning, a detailed roadmap, on-demand expertise, webinars and training, change management kit, business reviews and crews.

Workday Credentials and WayTo™ by Workday

James Cross, vice president of strategy at Workday, announced Workday Credentials, a new blockchain-powered solution that will enable enterprise customers to quickly issue, manage, and verify credentials for all types of workers and individuals, helping to streamline credential verification and compliance..
He also shared the consumer credentials mobile app: WayTo™ , by Workday which will give individuals a better way to store, manage, and share their verified credentials as well as professional and personal information.
 “As a Workday customer, you can use this platform to issue credentials to your people. These can represent employment history, skills, learning, compliance training and so much more!” explained James Cross.
It has been a great week, full of innovation, knowledge, and networking. All our team of experts hope to see you next year in Copenhagen!
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