Collaboration in the Workforce

Author Andrea ÁlvarezAndrea Álvarez
Date June 25th, 2019

Have you ever thought about taking some training or creating a video that maybe your colleagues would benefit from? Collaborative learning can result in a more educated and skillful workforce. For some people, a little extra guidance or engagement might make a difference between excelling at work or falling a bit behind. That is why collaborative learning environments are very important in the success of many companies worldwide. Not all companies are able to provide one on one training therefore there are tools that encourage knowledge transfers between employees. Workday Learning is a module within a software that helps enterprises around the globe solve their biggest challenges. Workday Learning combines peer- generated content, interactive media and learning management in a single application. Employees are able to listen to videos, produce content, engage with fellow coworkers all on the go. This tool allows for a collaborative learning environment where working together, people can learn from one another to develop knowledge and skills. For a stronger sense of togetherness. 
What exactly is a collaborative learning environment? one might ask. It really is about allowing the flow of knowledge and skills to be transferred between employees in an engaged workforce. Throughout the years this has become much easier to apply given the access to broadband internet, file sharing and advances in technology many of us have. By working closely with others we are able to share ideas, perspectives and knowledge in projects and become much more aware of how others think and work. By working closely with others even in different departments one can get a better sense of how the company works as a whole. One company that has a great take on collaborative learning is Google. Google strives to work together as a team by sharing ideas and skills this allows for more productivity in my opinion. 
Workday learning delivers a different approach by elevating learning from a disconnected, rigid experience to one that is consumer-like, on demand, relevant, and personalized. Workday Learning combines professional development, peer learning, and required training into a single intuitive application, so workers can engage in learning like never before. 

Workday learning delivers a different approach by elevating learning from a disconnected, rigid experience to one that is consumer-like, on demand, relevant, and personalized

Contemporary content
Workday Learning enables you to use video content to create modern, engaging programs that learners love. And with the ability to insert questions or comments into videos to capture learner feedback—an addition we call interactions—video becomes an active learning medium for both your organization and its employees. 
Peer learning
With Workday Learning, everyone can be both a learner and a teacher. Reduce time and cost of content development by enabling workers to share their expertise with easy uploads of videos or other lesson content. This definitely allows for a more collaborative learning environment which improves the learning and teaching within the company.
 Social learning.
Workday Learning ignites curiosity and sharing by revealing the wealth of available content to each employee. When viewers rate, share, and collaborate, learning can become viral within your organization. Workday learning

  1.     Lessons: 
  • Lessons can be created as part of a course. They can be external content, instructor led (classroom or webinar). media or survey. 


  1.   Courses 
  • Blended: Can be a combination of a scheduled Instructor led lesson or webinar and digital components – Media, External link and Survey lessons.

  • Digital: Digital courses are intended to be a standalone course without instructor-led components.


  1.   Campaigns (not required in blue banner and required in “Required For you”)
  • Learning Campaigns are an exciting way to draw attention of learning courses or lessons to members of an organization or specific audience utilizing the Announcements Framework or The Required for You slider within the learning worklet.


It helps new employees get up to speed. New recruits learn best from their co-workers and line managers. A culture of collaboration will help to put them at their ease from the get-go and smooth the onboarding process. Collaboration nurtures the mentor-mentee relationship between new employees and their more experienced colleagues. The mentor can learn too – as the mentee might spot a better way of doing things that the organization hadn’t thought of before. For these reasons and more the learning module is seen to be effective and very useful in the collaboration of in the workplace.  Hopefully the module continues to grow and more companies around the globe implement it, collaboration is the key. 

Collaboration nurtures the mentor-mentee relationship between new employees and their more experienced colleagues

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