Connect and Engage People with a Reimagined Experience

Author Cristina OlivaresCristina Olivares
Date July 5th, 2020

Connect and Engage People with a Reimagined Experience
Were you able to watch the 2020 Elevate experience?  While you read this I will be updating you on one of the topics of the HR Digital Experience. Have you heard before about Workday People Experience? If not, don’t worry, this article is right for you, so please keep up reading. Workday People Experience (PEX) is one of those topics Workday is innovating on as Skills Cloud or Talent Marketplace. 
Organizations haven’t changed their priorities but actually the way we work is already changing, as for example working from home. This could be as easy as if we work from the office if we involved the correct tools and technology to do it. Have you asked yourself, what are you doing in order to keep your people productive working from home? Workday believes in connecting and engaging with people through People Experience. 
Employee Experience has never been more important and we could shape their experience through simplifying processes, eliminating friction and focusing on productivity. But this is not enough since expectations are higher and we need to leverage intelligent technology to empower workers. Right now you probably need to look in multiple places to find information to get your job done. This makes you waste time, reduce productivity and also have greater abandonment. 
People Experience is a personal experience generated through machine learning. It is a place where you can search between Workday modules, use an assistant with nice interaction and it links with natural workspaces as Teams and Slack. As benefits you can find that it is easy to use, secure, it can be used from a mobile device and also this will simplify self service tasks. Workday People Experience is formed of different products. Below you will find a brief description of them. 
Workday Assistant is a digital assistant chatbot designed to help you conversationally complete tasks and retrieve information within Workday. With Assistant you can give feedback, initiate location or supervisory changes, request time off and view worker information. Hope you are already using this feature since it is available in most cases. 

Source: Workday Elevate 2020

Workday Today it is the new experience of the home page. It is personalized with applications, announcements, tasks and recommendations. 
Workday Moments is the solution for those moments that matter the most. When employees are having a change of role for example, Workday can help you through the transition using Personalized Journeys to avoid confusion and lack of trust. Journeys include steps and tasks the worker has to follow. This feature also has Custom Cards which you personalized and make your workday experience more productive instead of digging in each application. The cards will be available at the home page.
Workday Answers delivers personalized answers when and where you need it the most, allowing HR Teams to focus on people and not on tickets. You can raise cases through HR Case Management with an easy follow up. Also you will find articles and content related to processes employees constantly are involved with as requesting time off. This is known as Knowledge Management
As a result of this you will have a smarter and more personalized experience with employee satisfaction, reduced work, optimization and productivity. Remember time is coming for these tools to be all available so plan ahead and take advantage of all these features. Here at BNB we are more than ready to help you trace your Workday Journey. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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