Is Drive vs My Reports a thing? Increase your productivity by leveraging these Workday tools

Author Stefano Di DomenicoStefano Di Domenico
Date November 12th, 2020


Today we are addressing Drive and My Reports. The idea of this article isn’t to describe each of them to the tiniest technical aspect, but to highlight their core purpose and some of their greatest strengths, with the hope of triggering some ideas on how to make the most out of them. First of all let’s make something clear; these two solutions have different purposes, each of them performs great in its own realm. 
Drive is a versatile file sharing tool. On the other hand, My Reports, is a convenient feature for bringing together documentation that results from different processes inside of a Workday tenant.
The fact of having some supported file types in common, along with a sudden switch of names when WD30 was launched, may have contributed to some relative confusion, especially for those who weren’t well aware of the nature of their nature and history.
With the vertiginous rhythm at which the IT world moves nowadays, it is only natural for tools to evolve at a fast pace, sometimes changing or expanding their features, a situation that forces their names to adapt as well.
Having cleared this, let’s get into the details.


Accessible from the worker profile menu, Drive is a powerful tool that enables users to store, manage, and share files between a certain Workday tenant population. With it, there’s no need for external third party tools in order to share files, or even a whole hierarchy of directories, in a flexible and reliable way. All you need is tenant access and you are all set.

Drive supports many popular file types, including the most commonly used image and video formats, as well as many different document file variants.

                                Image                                                           Video*                                                      Document
BMP, PNG, GIF, SVG, TIF, TIFF, JPEG and JPG.                3G2, 3GP, 3GPP, ASF, AVI, DIVX, F4V, FLV, M4V,

                                                                                                                                       Drive supported file types.
*  Customers must sign a Workday Media Cloud agreement in order to use media files in Drive.
Folder Structure
One of the best aspects about Drive is that it allows each user to manage their files as wanted. You can build your own folder structure, with each directory having its own custom permissions and multiple ways of sharing content.

The sharing feature is also really powerful. There are three different ways of doing it:

  • Individual sharing

          The sharing invitation is sent using the Workday user account of the recipient.

  • Group sharing

          This option allows sharing with all the members of a certain Security Group at once. Requires an additional step in security configuration, but once done it’s just as simple as individual sharing.

  • Link sharing

         This method generates a link url that allows any user of the tenant to access the shared content.
Export to Worksheets
One of the highlights in Drive is that it seamlessly integrates with other very popular tools inside of Workday.
One example of this is the Export to Worksheets option, which allows us to export report results from Report Writer to a Worksheet located in Drive that we can then share to enable collaborative editing.

My Reports

My reports is a centralized destination for automated reports outputs and integrations documentation.
All the items that appear in this section are there as a result of an automated process.

So, what are the items that will show in this area?
It mainly reduces to four things:

  • Background reports

Reports that were completed while running in the background.

  • Scheduled reports

The output of scheduled reports.

  • Shared reports

Any report output that was shared with the user.

  • Integrations documentation

Documentation that results from integration processes.
When a new item is available under My Reports, a notification will appear in the header and a new entry will be generated in our Inbox.


Here’s a quick comparison table:

Having seen that they are actually complementary solutions, the best we can do is to know them both and take advantage of what each of them offers.

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