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Author Emilio AlonsoEmilio Alonso
Date September 1st, 2020

During the past years and even more during this COVID-19 crisis, the world has realized that working from different locations is not a futuristic and unprovable trend, it is a present reality that will become more and more common during the following years, and there are some changes that have come to stay. One of the principal tools used these days by companies  are unified communication and collaboration platforms that allow work teams to chat, share files, have video meetings… For this and many more reasons, Workday has launched “Natural Workspaces”, this is the way that Workday allows end users to perform activities from these communication tools . In this article we will cover how Microsoft Teams can empower and facilitate the Workday user experience.
The implementation of “Natural Workspaces” for Microsoft Teams will enable a real time chat with a Workday assistant that will offer different tasks available for the user. Some of the  available tasks at the moment for Microsoft teams are performing “Worker Lookups”, in order to share communication or worker details, requesting absences or time offs, get and give feedback etc, in the following example, the user will enter an expense. The transaction starts with a salute from the worker, immediately, the Workday chatbot will offer all the  tasks available for the worker.
Once the user selects the task that he wants to complete, the chatbot will start a conversation that will guide the user through all the process that will have to complete in order to do the transaction. In this example, the user will enter an expense in Workday. As you can see, the user will be able to select the task and the chatbot will indicate to him how to procedure.

Last but not least, it is important to mention that Workday has already unveiled their roadmap for “Natural Workspaces”, the next steps are focused on allowing users to receive and complete notifications and steps from business process, allowing managers to perform tasks such as job change, a job marketplace that announce jobs and gigs… In the end, it will be really important to follow up this new Workday’s feature, not only because it is a zero-cost functionality for Workday customers but because “Natural Workspaces” will be growing during the future releases as Workday will be revealing new functionalities and plans for the near future. 
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