We are a team of experts with one thing in mind: making your business run smoothly.

Our mission is to serve our clients, helping them execute and achieve their business objectives with the use of technology.

Here is how our team of experts can help you

Identify the challenges associated with people, processes and technology.

Implement the solution you have chosen

What we do

Business Applications

Our business consulting services ensure high quality and value throughout the life cycle of the integrated system, from its initial phase (software assessment) to its implementation and final operation (maintenance, support, help desk and continuous improvement). Our consultants are trained and certified in SAP, Workday, Oracle Peoplesoft, Oracle Cloud Solutions and Oracle JDE,

  • Implementation
  • Integration
  • Migrations and Upgrades
  • Maintenance
  • Training
  • Support
  • Software Factory

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IT Consulting & Services

We provide comprehensive IT consulting services. We put ourselves in the client’s shoes, assessing their system needs to fit the business demands. In some cases, we assume the role of a temporary CIO.

  • Assessment and benchmarking
  • Outsourcing
  • Support desk
  • Project management
  • IT governance

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Cloud & Mobility

The BNB team integrates their experience in the technology consulting market for business processes with cloud and mobility to improve the way people work. It helps us to know the needs of our customers and to anticipate the constant changes that occur in the industry.

  • Supply Chain Platform Mobility -DSI
  • Corporate Mobility: Direct Store Delivery, Business Information Tool, Direct Sale Platform – Q4Tech

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BNB guarantees an excellent execution supported by our highly qualified global workforce

See the advantages of our digital transformation services

Dynamic team sizing according to specific needs.

24/7 support, adjusted to the client’s time zone, with experience in non-stop production environment maintenance.

Contracts based on service-level agreements, as well as Time & Materials.

Quick response through a single point of contact.

We are experts at most technological solutions: Workday, SAP, Oracle

Quality control processes that guarantee fulfillment of high standards with several tools to support service management (Web-based Issue & Requirement Tracking, Instant Messaging and Tele/Video Conferencing).

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