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BNB and Digital Finance: Driving Success in Corporate Finance

Strategic Alliance Between BNB and Digital Finance: Driving Success in Corporate Finance

Author BNB Staff writersBNB Staff writers
Date April 3rd, 2024

We are excited to announce a new strategic alliance between BNB – Business Network Builders and Digital Finance. This agreement represents a significant milestone for both organizations and the financial community. As strategic partners specializing in the implementation of financial and human resources areas with Workday, our goal is to unlock the true potential of organizations through innovative technological solutions.

Benefits of the Alliance for the Corporate Finance Community

The collaboration between BNB and Digital Finance opens new doors for the Corporate Finance Community of Digital Finance, allowing easier and more efficient access to high-quality consulting services in Workday. Together, we are ready to face the challenges of today and the future, driving the ongoing success of our partner organizations and extending the reach of our innovative solutions.

A Commitment to Innovation and Continuous Support

At BNB, we strongly believe in integrating technology with a human-centric approach. Our motto, “Think Human, Work Digital,” reflects our commitment to understanding and getting closer to each client, ensuring that each implementation is customized and effective. We offer comprehensive solutions that span from the initial implementation to ongoing support of Workday, ensuring that our clients can maximize the benefits of these advanced technological solutions.

BNB: Global Presence, Local Expertise

With headquarters in key cities such as Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Milan, London, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City, BNB is strategically positioned to meet the needs of clients globally. Our team of over 150 Workday-certified consultants, backed by more than 300 certifications, guarantees fast, efficient, and tailored implementations, with a strong focus on the markets of Europe and America.

A Bright Future Together

By joining forces with Digital Finance, BNB not only expands its network and capabilities but also reaffirms its commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of corporate finance and human resource management.

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