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Date November 21st, 2017

A remarkable event that took place in Barcelona from November 14th to 16th, 2017. Our BNB team was there and here is our review, day by day!

Tuesday, November 14th

Workday Rising Europe started with a lot of activities before the Kickoff Keynote and Welcome Reception! Lot of expectations, inspiration, passion and collaboration preceding the delivery of Workday applications.
During the morning the Pre-Conference Training began with some instructor-led sessions where customers learnt how to maximise the ROI and adoption of Workday in their current role. BNB participated in the Financial Management Customer Summit where Alejandro Bárcena Labrador, Workday Financials consultant at BNB, was a part of the panel discussions about Dashboards and Scorecards.
Alejandro explained how BNB implemented Workday full platform with the principle of “Practice as main operational driver”. He summarized BNB’s case study defining the challenges and benefits of Workday implementation and presented some examples to show the information regarding Dashboards and Scorecards, Project Manager Center, Forecast Analysis, Sales Management, Resource Management and Financial Executive Scorecards.

Kickoff Keynote

David Coulthard, World Drivers’ Champion of Formula 1, formally opened Workday Rising Europe 2017 conference talking with the journalist Tom Clarkson. The main topic was how teamwork culture changes the way people, teams and companies reach their goals.  

Mentorship made the man, Defining Teamwork & Building a Culture of Success were the drivers for Culture of Success explained by Coulthard.
“One of the most important elements of Grand Prix is the pit stop. If a crew take two-to-three seconds longer than your competition, that can make a huge difference to the race,” Coulthard said. “The crew has an incredible trust in the driver, and that works both ways. Mechanics come together to support the team and deliver great customer service. The feedback comes from the driver, the team then improves the car, and there’s a constant handling of the baton of responsibility to make things right.” David Coulthard at Workday Rising Europe 2017.

See a complete summary of his talk at Workday Rising Blog, and check out our storify to see the main streaming tweets.


Wednesday, November 15th

Like Workday Rising Chicago, Workday Rising Europe Executive Keynote took attendees to the moon.
Aneel Bhusri, Workday Co-Founder & CEO and Chano Fernandez, Executive VP of Global Field Operations were responsible for the opening of Workday Rising Keynote.

They discussed the evolution of  Workday users worldwide, insights about innovation and how the company is growing in the European continent due to new customers, partners & employees.
At the beginning, a snapchat video was shown summarizing Workday growth and success over the last year: Workday now has over 1,800 customers in 200 countries, with 150 of those coming from Fortune 500 companies, and Workday’s customer satisfaction rating is up from 95 percent to 98 percent.
Then it was time for the members of the Workday’s leadership team to present what will be next for Workday, they went from the product to the strategy perspective and revealed exciting new announcements.
Leighanne Levensaler, Workday Senior VP Corporate Strategy, talked about the intersection between business trends and technology innovation in a really dynamic environment, in relation to the opportunity of globalization and its effects. Leversaler highlighted how business cycles are becoming faster and global forces are rapidly changing. Those changes help companies thrive in order to be more responsive and agile.

Leversaler introduced the evolution of Workday platform to present a video where Joel Korngiebel, CTO Workday, announced the advancements of Workday’s Cloud Platform through analytical capability improvements.

  • AI and Machine Learning will be incorporated in analytical capabilities: Incorporation of natural conversation through Workday assistant bot.
  • Natural language processing and Natural language generation services.

Leversaler first announcement was that Prism Analytics is now available for all Workday Customers. The rest of the members of the Workday’s leadership team also discussed upcoming updates in Workday 29 and 30, including a next generation people portal, enhanced onboarding, an improved integration between Workday Financial Management and Salesforce, and a new tool for Workday Expenses that will let users take a photo of a receipt and import that information to Workday.

Leighanne also focused her talk on The Power of One: data model, security model, interface and upgrade cycle.

Workday’s leadership team main announcements: 
1. Planning by Aidan Mitchel, Senior Director, Planning Products
Mitchel is convinced that the first and most important step is the first one, when you’re taking your business to the next level: planning.
Improvements in Worksheets such as Decentralised Planning, Personalised templates and Continuous planning.

Data driven planning decisions: As Mitchel says, with Workday Planning you will find templates, can anticipate, respond to and plan for change as it happens.
2. HCM by Barbry McGann, Senior VP Product Management
Now, for the first time, HR can switch partners with Finance & Business managers to create talent acquisition plans. And they can also get an accurate picture of the entire workforce, all in one system.
MacGann also explained how to drive business growth through three key business processes: Recruit to Hire, Develop to Perform, Reward and Retain Talent. All in the same system.

With video available on Workday 29 it’s possible to customize career sites. Onboarding allows companies to provide experience and guidance for both new hires and internal transfers as well as talent reviews as part of the onboarding process.

W29 has some new features: Total Reward Statements and Executive Workforce Scorecard. People Experience will be available at W30/31, a new personalised portal where your company knows who you are, where you are in your career and where you want to go. We can’t wait to have it!
3. Financial Management by Betsy Bland, VP Financial Management Products
Next on stage was Betsy Bland. She introduced the new features of Workday Financial Management: Reports, Analytics, Invoice Activity, Billing, Project Resource Manager and Financial Executive Scorecard. This is making a great solution even greater by upgrading your user experience through transparency, visibility and control all in one place from your mobile device.

  • Workday Procurement supports the whole end-to-end procurement cycle.
  • Workday Expenses allows companies to be more transparent with employee expenses and reimbursements.
  • Workday Payroll gives control and visibility.
  • Improvements in user experience will be shown in Workday 29 and 30:
    • End user requisition will provide access to a comparative dashboard where all expenses items will appear.
    • On Workday 30 mobile expenses will allow receipt creation where you can create expense reports with your own mobile. This functionality will read mobile expense receipts and will populate online the data directly to the expense report.
    • The partnership between Workday and Salesforce will activate the package integration where the information will be shown on both Salesforce and Workday: customer account activity, invoice activity, payment activity. On Workday 30 opportunity information will be available to analyze your budgeting planning processes.
    • Project Resource Management will be the result of Financial Management and HCM improvements.
    • Financial Execute Scorecard is now available on Workday 29.

4. Analytics
Pete Schlampp displayed an overview of how to analyze your performance to plan and assess the next opportunity to drive your business forward.

“Data is the foundation of insight, and data moves you forward.”

He introduced the Workday Analytics journey: Prism Analytics Features, Security and Workday Benchmarking. This benchmarking is made possible by Workday Data-as-a-Service. What a powerful tool for companies and organizations! This will help drive more informed decision making.

Next Chapter for Workday
After the big announcement Erin Yang & Jon Ruggiero shared the vision behind the Workday Cloud Platform: Tech, Core and Apps.

Their presentation covered examples about Talent Mobility, ID Services, Supplier Requisition and Safety Services all using the Workday Cloud Platform.
Workday Cloud Platform will be open for developers inside a collaborative system: one community that can experience all cloud platform services and create different applications that would be upgradeable from version to version .
The best part is that this will be all be available in 2018. Workday cloud platform will start with design partners then to the group of fast followers and then to the general availability.
Conclusions from Executive Keynote: From a Big Company to a Platform Company.
Thanks to continued innovation, we can now plan, execute and explore data with Workday.

Thursday – November 16th

An inspirational Customer Innovation Keynote where Leena Nair Unilever’s chief human resources office who discussed why organisations must be more human if they are to deliver sustained growth in a connected world, and how Workday can help support that.
Throughout her presentation, Nair highlighted the idea of “Thriving in an upside-down World”: people are changing rapidly and that is a challenge for the business world. Change has to be seen as an opportunity not a threat, and as Nair says “Human beings have the ingenuity, talent, intelligence and knowledge to create opportunity from all changes”.
Nair explained three ways to thrive in an upside down world: Purpose, Learning and being More Human.

  • Brands with purpose grow faster, companies with purpose are valued and people with purpose thrive.
  • Continuous learning: we are curious by nature and we need to be able to learn.
  • Being more human: Empathy is the key for differentiation. As Nair says “In this technological age we need to be clear about what is essentially human…the future is about hearts not technology”.

Introduction to Workday Projects and Workday Professional Services Automation by Javier Delgado from BNB was another highlight.

Javier Delgado, Managing Partner at BNB and Charlie Yuan, Senior Manager, Product Management at Workday, leaded this session.Yuan was in charge of explaining Workday Projects functionalities and workday Professional Services Automation  (PSA) and Delgado presented PSA project implementation at BNB.
Delgado highlighted Workday PSA reports, the value realized with Workday implementation and lessons learned during the process. Workday, as our new online system, streamlines Human Resources and payroll functions, and replaces the Finance system with one unified cloud-based HCM & Finance application to support BNB’s global growth.
Check out the complete presentation on this video and find more information at our BNB success story.

Last but not least the closing Keynote by Jamil Qureshi, performance coach, psychologist author and keynote speaker.
Workday Rising Europe closed with this outbreaker keynote. Some sentences inspired us…

“To be successful you need to learn faster than your competitor”
“Success is to connect two things that were unconnected”
“Expectations become reality”
“All amazing journeys start with a great question: I wonder if?”

Thank you all for this great experience at #WdayRising Europe. Special shout out to the Workday team and to all the Workday community that visited us. We’re already missing Barcelona, looking forward for next Workday event in Viena!
For more information about the event: wdayrisineurope2017.bnetbuilders.com or check Workday’s  storify

Let’s keep moving forward together!


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