What's New for WD 2021 R1: Learning

Author Itzel MossoItzel Mosso
Date March 12th, 2021

Sometimes changes are necessary since they speed up, optimize and perform your company information. Therefore, we suggest you to consider the following releases for your system in order to improve the overall user experience. Let’s explore together the new features and updates for the Workday Learning module.

  • Workday 2021R1 enhances the Recommended For You worklet by improving recommendations using machine learning. We now deliver the Machine Learning Recommended For You worklet as part of the HCM Machine Learning, increasing efficiency for your learners by providing them with more relevant recommendations.
  • On the other hand, workday enhances the learner browsing experience by indexing translated titles and descriptions for learning courses in selected languages. Learners can search the learning catalog in their preferred language when they select 1 or more supported languages.
  • Finally a new important feature is Inactivate and Delete Extended Enterprise Affiliations, this enables you to inactivate extended enterprise affiliations that you aren’t using and delete affiliations that you’ve never used. This helps you to better manage affiliations that you no longer need or created by mistake.

BNB Team recommends:
We suggest to customers who currently use the module to carefully review each and every one of the new features as many may be adjusted to their system preferences and customers who do not have the module, to carry out a careful analysis of the pros and cons of its implementation since they have a platform with a super intuitive and automated mechanism that will allow you to have better control over the Learning of their employees.

  • Review that the Recommended for You worklet was added to your Learning dashboard. You must then opt in to the Workday Graph as well as Learning Data and Worker Profile Data under the HCM Machine Learning GA Features Innovation Service.
  • Moreover, it is important to enable supported languages, and preserve the translated value when you edit the base value of a translatable item for the Learning Language Preferences feature and an import aspect to consider is that Learning Language Preferences is currently available for these languages only: French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • For Inactivate and Delete Extended Enterprise Affiliations, Workday prevents you from: Activating an extended enterprise affiliation, if the affiliation superior to it is inactive. Inactivating an extended enterprise affiliation, if affiliations subordinate to it are active. No setup required. If you have access to the Manage: Extended Enterprise domain you can use this feature to inactivate or delete extended enterprise affiliations.
  • Review the list of Brainstorm ideas targeted for delivery in Workday 2021 Release 1.

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