My Workday Implementation is ready, What‘s the next step?  Workday Adoption Experience

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Date November 5th, 2019

Workday Post Go Live, The Implementation is just the beginning 

At BNB, as Workday Full Suite customer as well as Workday partner and with experience in Workday support, we have experienced the post Go-Live first-hand. We know that implementation is just the starting point. It is time to take advantage of Workday, get the maximum return on investment, meet current HCM needs and anticipate future ones with Workday Adoption Experience. 


Workday improves and is updated with new versions every 6 months and updates every week. Taking advantage of this constant innovation guarantees having the best possible user experience.

In your day-today with Workday 

BNB offers a comprehensive service with the objective of focusing both in the stabilisation and optimisation of  Workday solution in addition to the transmission of knowledge thanks to its service called “Workday Adoption Experience”.
The main tasks have been grouped into the following services: 

Functional Support: We carry out functional support of Workday HCM, Financial Management, and Planning module set.  

Tennant Management: We are the first point of contact for the management of the environment and the availability of Workday services, as well as for the analysis  and adoption of new features of each version. The “Workday Tenant Management” service allows organisations to focus on those strategic tasks for the growth and evolution of the business. 

Reporting: we modify or create new reports and dashboards to explore, monitor and improve the current and future processes of the organisations.  


Integration: We carry out technical support for integrations with Workday, helping to solve any doubt or incident as well as taking care of new integrations that may be required.


Training: We customise knowledge transmission to be “ad hoc” for all the groups of each organisation promoting team empowerment . Based on the experience in implementation and maintenance of Cloud HR solutions, BNB believes that an optimal way to transmit knowledge and contribute to the  client’s self-sufficiency and consolidation of its support team is to share in each one of the requests/incidents the methodology that brought to the solution.

We have some advantages that guarantee our services as Digital Partner

  • We are full Suite customer (HR, Finance, and Planning) 
  • We are Workday boutique partner 
  • We have experience in Workday Support: We are Workday Support partner in eight important Workday Customers
  • We are Workday Implementers: Certified partners are an essential part of the business requirements of Workday. As such, we act as the engine and enhancer of your growth and success. It implies being a key part of your strategy to reach the market and we play a fundamental role in assisting companies to obtain value from their Workday investments.

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