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To make sure your Workday journey is successful on a strategic level, you need to ensure people, technology and processes are as aligned as possible. Find out how we help our customers with change management, PMO & other services to get the job done in an agile and notorious way.

Change Management

Change Management is one of the main levers of adoption of Workday, as experts in Workday and in Change Management. We offer our clients our services fully aligned with the key factors in the success of any implementation.

Through the path of change management, we will be able to manage the fears and concerns that threaten the adoption of the new reality.

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Pillars of Change

The Change Management strategy aims to ensure the adequate preparation for change of all affected groups and the adoption of new ways of working. To achieve our goal, we will rely on three key pillars of change.


  • Communicate: Are Stakeholders informed? Do we launch aligned messages? Do we establish the right channels and at the right times?
  • Develop Capabilities: Do end users have the knowledge and skills required for successful adoption of Workday?
  • Embrace Change: Are key stakeholders ready for change and do they embrace it? Are leaders engaged and prepared to lead their teams through their  transformation process?


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Successful management of your projects

The success of a project implies multiple actors that must work in harmony, we must have the ability to organize, arbitrate and govern a deep transformation. As Workday experts, we help you manage this key factor with our PMO services.

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Build your team of experts to support Workday

Develop the Workday support model that best suits your organizational or business needs, establish your support team and the processes that enables you to serve the organization’s internal customer. Based on our experience providing Workday adoption services, we can help you define the future of your team of experts.

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