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Your initial Workday deployment next to a strategic partner with 100% referenceable customers.

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Take it premium and stay ahead of the curve.

You have selected Workday and are about to begin implementation, are you migrating from complex legacy systems? What can we do to face this project? Let’s work together to understand your business, from existing operations to future plans. Ensure a scope that will guarantee your success and prepare for a project that will transform the way you understand your company. We will share our knowledge and previous experience to guide you through these first steps.

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  • Identify the current status of your processes, including the main areas for improvement.

Change Management

  • Identify the reasons for change, the sponsor, internal resources for change management and change readiness.


  • Collect the desired architecture, data sources, Extract, Transform and Load tools, data privacy policies and IT policies regarding SSO, SFTP.
  • Prepare for data migration and integrations.

Project Management

  • Identify project team, training schedule and project objectives.
  • Assemble existing and future governance models.

Operational Model

  • Identify the current support team to be involved in the project and possible future model.
  • Gather the current structure of the support organization.

A transformative team

Be part of the team that will transform your business. Due to its innovative technology, Workday will generate value from day one of its implementation. Allow us to be your strategic partner on the journey, listen to our expertise, and let us guide you to excellence in your Workday implementation. Join the Workday ecosystem and be part of the digital transformation.

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We are ready for the challenge

Whether big, small, phased, or big bang, we accept the challenge. Our flexibility and specialization in Workday allow us to adapt to any implementation challenge that comes our way, we know the Methodology as if it were our own and we have the experience to implement all Workday products:


  • Workday Core HCM, Talent and Performance
  • Workforce Management
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Absence and Time Tracking
  • Talent Management (Recruiting, Learning, Performance Optimization)
  • Workday Financials
  • Spend Management
  • Professional Services Automation
  • Workday Adaptive Planning
  • Prism Analytics and Reporting
  • Platform and Product Extensions
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Accelerator Solutions

BNB is actively looking for new solutions to deliver better value to our customers. Some examples or about our BNB Solutions are:


  • BNB Limay, with our BNB data conversion tool, data migration is significantly accelerated, greatly improving its quality through the iterative process of data validation in each load cycle.
  • BNB Medici, solution catalog developed by BNB that allows quick deployment of packaged solutions in our customers in a matter of minutes (i.e., Global Payroll Report).
  • BNB Guardian, simplify security management in Workday, allowing the comparison of security permissions between roles so they can be combined, or mass updated as needed.
  • Infojobs Workday Connector, in association with Infojobs, BNB has designed a connector to integrate Workday Recruiting with this platform, and much more.


Lastly, our Enablement Services allow the alignment of all critical factors with implementations for a successful deployment.

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The path does not end here

Successful implementation is only the first step of the Workday journey, continuing the Workday adoption journey is synonymous with value creation. We accompany you on this journey and invite you to join us in becoming one of our Workday Adoption services customers.

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