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Date October 11th, 2017

Go Further Together!

Workday Rising 2017, the conference where 542 sessions combine Workday solutions with overall business inquiries to solve Finance and HR issues.   

Executive Keynote

Co-Founder and CEO Aneel Bhusri and Co-Founder and Chairman Dave Duffield led the executive keynote talking about Workday Foundation and how Workday is developing some social programs throughout Europe.
Aneel Bhusri dived into the Workday product pieces by sharing some facts related with the evolution of the Workday users worldwide, insights about innovation, and how the company is growing around the world. The update of the newest application improvements and the introduction of the team involved were the last part of his presentation.

We are not a consumer company we are a business application company…We spend a lot of time trying to understand trends in front of us Aneel Bhusri at Workday Rising 2017.

Some of the main Workday’s thoughts:
A dynamic environment where workforces are constantly changing requires the skill of agile management.
Technology innovation means driving business throughout Cloud, Consumer Internet, Big Data, Collaboration, Video, Machine Learning, AI, Mobile, Personalization.

The Evolution of Workday’s Cloud Platform. Executive Keynote at Workday Rising

The driving force behind Workday’s Applications has been Workday platform.
Machine Learning and AI have been  incorporated into Workday’s capabilities.  
Workday in action, the plan, execution, analysis, and vision come together as a journey from the earth to the moon!   

Galactic moon services: offering tours of exciting moon destination.

Aneel Bhusri  at Executive Keynote.

The update of the newest business application improvements explained by Workday team involved were the second part of this keynote.   

Following the Executive Keynote, Javier Delgado, Managing Partner at BNB, presented BNB’s experience in implementing Workday PSA together with Workday Financial Management and HCM. Workday, as our new online system, streamlines Human Resources and payroll functions, and replaces the Finance system with one unified cloud-based HCM & Finance application to support BNB’s global growth.
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