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Date November 15th, 2016
This remarkable event take place in Barcelona from November 15th to 17th, 2016.  
BNB team is there. And here is our review, day by day!

November 15

Workday Rising Europe starts with the Kickoff Keynote and Welcome Reception!
Lots of expectations, inspiration, passion and collaboration through the delivery of Workday applications. “..The best thing about Workday Rising Europe is that it brings together organisations who are about to embark on financial and HR transformation…” Chano Fernández, EMEA & APJ President at Workday.
Ade McCormack, digital strategist, near futurist, keynoter and author, was the driver of the Kickoff Keynote who discussed the transition from the industrial to the digital age. Opportunities, risks and disruptions were some of the main ideas of his presentation where McComarck highlighted how taking risks, far from bringing on a sense of dread, will open up new opportunities. 
McComarck’s highlighted quotes:

“The challenge now for talent managers is to create a great environment to attract great people.”

“The job of leaders is to get the obstacles out of the way so that talent can do great work.”

“The challenge now for talent managers is to create a great environment to attract great people.”

Recognizing the environment and developing the ability to adapt to a changing market will help us to move forward. Rather than a control-based relationship,Talent Management, is about building leadership skills and bringing out the best in people
We can overcome all obstacles if we help people do a great Job. That involves giving them the opportunity to iterate, to scan the landscape, learn and adapt.
Day 1: See Workday Rising Europe Highlights on our Storify

November 16

The opening executive keynote Workday Rising Europe
Chano Fernandez, EMEA & APJ President at Workday
Phil Wilmington, Co-president at Workday
Aneel Bhusri, Co-Founder & CEO Workday
Betsy Bland, VP, Products, Financial Management at Workday
Leighanne Levensaler, Workday Product Leader
Joe Korngiebel, Senior Vice President – Experience Technology, Product Design & Innovation at Workday
Andrew Kershaw, Senior Director, PM Worksheets
James Cross, Product Strategy at Workday
Chano Fernandez and Phil Wilmington were the responsible for the opening of Workday Rising Keynote. They shared some facts related with the evolution of the Workday users worldwide, insights about innovation and how the company is growing in the European continent. The update of the newest application improvements and the introduction of the team involved were the last part of their presentation.
It was the turn of Aneel Bhusri who talked about Workday values and  the importance of the Unified Platform.
Most of the improvements mentioned in Aneel Bhusri’s presentation were focused on what the goal of innovation is and how agile versions need to have the ability to adapt to the speed of the Market.  
Workday focuses on the Power of One user experience to simplify the complexity behind applications. Different user interfaces, different security models, data models and application environments in a same platform.  
Workday Planning has the capability of being collaborative through worksheets.
Workday Learning has introduced new video capabilities: “The Youtube” for Corporations.
All the improvements are available into the workday suite.
In order to move forward Workday is now a Microsoft partner and some functionalities like approvals or task management will be updated into the suite.
Dan Beck, Workday Tech Product Marketing, explains the analytics approach: transactions, reporting and analytics in the same platform. He also talked about Platfora acquisition and how the single data model allows reporting across the Data.
+40 packaged dashboards (clone function available), 14 internal audit reports, scorecards, metrics & insights. Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting were most of the Workday investments in analytics.
Peter Schlampp, Workday VP of Product for Analytics, deepened into analytics and presented what will be the uses and customization of the data available into Workday suite.
Betsy Bland, VP, Products & Financial Management at Workday, introduced the improvements inside support functionalities and presented a live demo of Workday Planning driven by Andrew Kershaw, Senior Director PM Worksheets.
Leighanne Levensaler, Workday Product Leader, showed the investment in user experience: High and Require Fields, performance support using video tool inside corporations. She also introduced James Cross who presented Workday Learning improvements using video inside the platform.
Joe Korngiebel, Senior Vice President – Experience Technology, Product Design & Innovation at Workday announced Messenger -to collaborate with co-workers and Workday assistant – to ask Workday  right in the middle of any transaction.
Joe has also introduced Data as a Service: Opt-in, Aggregated & Anonymus Data, Metrics & Trends. All available for free to Workday’s customers.

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November 17

Workday Rising last day started with Workday Customer Keynote by Brendan Donovan, CTO & Head of Global Infrastructure Services at ING Bank.   
Donovan explained how ING incorporated Digital Disruption through the whole company. Some of the main improvements are related to:

  • Introduction of a standard IT engineering profile
  • Coding some open source projects
  • DevOps teams as the leader approach
  • Cloud provisioning fully automated
  • IT risk processes being automated
  • Workday

Donovan also emphasized on the “Orange Code” as a cultural code that allowed ING to go forward  to the next digital disruption.
Presentations, demos and briefings were the players of the 3rd day of Workday Rising Europe
whatsapp-image-2016-11-17-at-09-49-13-1    whatsapp-image-2016-11-17-at-05-30-02
Tips and Tricks, the scenario of most of the tutorials and “how to do” improvements, migrations and uses of Workday tools.
Human Capital Management, Workday Planning, Workday Learning, Designer, Content Creator, Security, Employee Onboarding Experience where some of the topics presented. The launch of Business Processes Framework, including configuration, user experience, administration and some of the enhancements into the workflow .
Diana McKenzie at Tapping into the Transformational CIO session, talked about the role of the transformational CIO inside companies improvements and what is the impact disruptive strategies.   
One of the interesting activities was the career advice for unemployed young people where participants had the chance to share ideas on a “Wisdom Tree” coloring wall!
maca-workday      cesar-workday
For 3 days Barcelona was the city of Innovation, Inspiration, HCM and Financial Management.
Thank you to everyone who visited us at Workday  Rising Europe. We are looking forward to seeing you next year!
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