Workday Rising Europe 2018 Highlights

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Date November 19th, 2018

What’s Workday Rising? The most important meeting point with Workday’s community, where challenges, culture, inspiration and passion are the main highlights of innovation. This is the event where customers and partners are connected and where they find case studies, interactive courses, deep dive product demonstrations and also customer’s forums to share best practices and ideas with each other.
In this opportunity (and for the third consecutive year) we are covering Workday Rising Europe 2018 – Vienna, to share with you all the newest application improvements and insights about innovation, from our experts point of view. Check our daily recap of the main announcements to get inspired on how to take your business further together!

Tuesday 13th

Kickoff Keynote

The week at Workday Rising started with an inspiring Kickoff Keynote where some members of Workday’s community shared their technology experience including Lloyds Banking Group, Tamedia and ForFarmers.

This time was special for us, Natalia Santana (Social Media Manager, BNB) and Javier Delgado (Chief Operations Officer, BNB) were chosen as part of Workday’s Social Squad! So they were sitting in the front row publishing those digital transformation stories with twitter community.

First one at stage opening the Keynote was Gonzalo Benedit – President, EMEA and APJ, Workday.

We also got inspired with Tamedia transformation story by Samuel Huegli, CTO & Head of Digital Ventures.  Carolyn Horne, CTO and Head of Digital Ventures at Tamedia also shared the stage with Samuel.

Following participant at the stage was Arjan de Grijs – HR Director (CHRO), ForFarmersHe shared his perspective about the future of farming and how can it be transformed with an efficient use of innovative tools, combining Digital Transformation with daily life.

Arjan de Grijs talked also about the impact of digital transformation on employees, how could be talent management and what is the importance of core values in digital transformation processes.

Stuart Langan – COO, People & Productivity, Lloyds Banking Group made some remarks about Digital Transformation approach. His testimony was really inspiring, Here are some of our favorites ones:

 ”If you do not transform your organization you will not survive. Things at the heart of your business have to change”

After this great start, we had the opportunity to share a great moment at the Expo Hall. We received many customers and colleagues at our booth to talk about Workday Community inspirational stories and how to embrace Digital Transformation.

Wednesday 14th

All our team was expecting this second day. The Workday Executive team presented Workday’s latest improvements and some news were announced.

Workday Innovation Keynote:

Workday leadership team Chano & Aneel, presented their vision for the future and announced a number of new products focused on helping customers on HCM and Financial Management, all from a single system.

Check in detail Workday’s most important announcements. 

Artificial Intelligence: Workday is increasingly using AI across Workday products to generate predictions.
Leighanne Levensaler, Senior VP, Corporate Strategy, and Managing Director and Co-Head, Workday Ventures, explained the evolution of the Enterprise Cloud and how Workday is working on Artificial Intelligence (AI), as the last disruption feature: the prediction machine that learns from data to make accurate predictions. Or in other words, Workday’s power of one is fueling Machine Learning to become a Prediction Machine.

If you start out with a stronger prediction, you will have stronger results. Decision making requires some predictions. said Leighanne Levensaler.

Newest Workday Adoption: Adaptive Insights as the Business Planning Cloud

Tim Bogan, CEO of Adaptive Insights talked about the road ahead for planning.
He believes in Active Planning and that means: Involving people closest to the business, powering Data-driven insights and driving Fast, Confident decisions
“Planning should involve people closest to the business and data should inform plans with KPI’s used as drivers” Tom Bogan, from @AdaptiveInsight.

Workday VP, Corporate Finance Barbara Larson talked about going live with Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud and the three key traits that make it a leader planning solution:

Human Capital Management announcements: Skills Cloud is now available & Workday Org Studio, coming in Workday 32.

Barbry McGann, Workday senior VP, product management announced skills cloud, an universal language for skills. Skills are the new currency and all Workday customers will have the opportunity to share and create a wide range of skills that could be used inside the Talent Marketplace and Candidate Matching in Workday 34.

Barbry McGann told us about Workday Org Studio, a tool for design a different kind of organizations where can be seen all organization levels, find positions and create new organizations with live data with a simple drag-and-drop user interface. When it will be available? In Workday 32.
What does it all mean to you? Bringing AI into skills helps to find and to develop the right talent in your organization. Addressing HR challenges due by connecting job seekers with job candidates. Machine Learning into Talent Market Place will help customers on their recruiting process with the use of data analytics.

Financial Management announcements: Workday Accounting Center & ML inside Predictive Financial Applications.

Betsy Bland, vice president corporate strategy, announced both the delivery of Workday Accounting Center soon and the use of Machine Learning inside Predictive Financial Applications which will allow customers strategic actions like Transaction matching, Anomalies Prediction, Recommendation of actions for resolutions and Intelligent Automation. Machine Learning could even auto-populate data or recommend accruals for certain transactions, making account reconciliation and anomaly detection. Betsy Bland announced Workday will deliver the Workday Account Center within the next 17 months.

Workday Analytics Announcements: Workday Query Language and Workday People Analytics (Workday’s first augmented analytics application)

Pete Schlampp, Vice President of Workday analytics, announced Workday Query Language. This improvement allows data scientists and developers to access their data in Workday Prism Analytics. And, he announced Workday People Analytics, the first Workday’s augmented analytic application which will be available in Workday 33.

He explained that with benchmarking, the more data it’s in the Workday Cloud, anonymously shared by all of us, the more accurate and valuable our data can be. “Now, with data from over 7M workers, our benchmarks are getting more and more accurate”

Workday Technology Announcements: Open Workday Cloud Platform & App Creator.

Open Workday Cloud Platform will extend the Data Model (new fields into the system) and the processing Model. It will create new layouts and forms, and It will build and share Full-fledged Applications. David Clarke, Workday Senior VP of Technology Development explained that those capabilities will expand out to more customers over the next 12 months. He also announced App Creator, a new tool that enables customers to initiative complex interactions through fields, layouts, videos, and forms, available to Workday Cloud Platform in Workday 32. Those integrations will be published and shared in the Workday Marketplace.

Last but not least: looking into the future of Workday

Workday Chief Technology Officer Joe Korngiebel introduced more Workday Artificial Intelligence features for the future:

  • Knowledge cards
  • Finding experts through queries and get feedback easily
  • AI Building Blocks, AI Foundation and AI Applications
  • Workday virtual assistant


Thursday 15th

Last day of Workday Rising was really intense for everyone.
Cultural Imperative and Closing Keynote inspired us on how happiness, collaboration and teamwork improve the way we rule the business to more human way. Javier Delgado, COO at BNB, shared BNB’s experience as Workday’s Customer. Yes, we installed the whole Workday suite for internal use and he explained why we selected Workday and what was the value derived. We will share the record of the session with you soon.

Culture Imperative Keynote

Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work explored how high-performing companies invest in culture and the incredible financial results they have gained.
A Great Place to Work means ensuring maximise company potential for having consistently a great experience for all (every employee, manager or executive). Leadership is connected more with making the best of your colleges than having a power role inside the company: get feedback, listening and speaking with people.

It’s our role strike the match as leaders and as co-workers and colleagues. Michael Bush   

It is worth to highlight that an entire keynote session at Workday Rising has been dedicated to how we can improve our way to work.
“How do you get a high employee satisfaction? In the same way as you get the Customer’s : by actively listening, and following up on what you hear. And… Employees at Workday have fun, you can tell that by the constant and sincere smile of everyone at the event”.  Clara Brusati, Business Development Manager at BNB.

Closing Keynote

We almost left Vienna inspired. We had learnt about companies that are committed to creating change in the workplace and making a difference in the world.
The day ended with the closing Keynote by Thomas Bjorn, Professional Danish golfer, and Nick Dougherty, Former European Tour Golfer.

The Customer Appreciation Party was the fabulous close of Workday Rising Europe 2018 where we had the opportunity to share a good moment, all together celebrating this amazing week in Vienna.

It was an incredible experience. One more we left the event inspired and full of expectations.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about your Workday Journey and how we can help you maximize your benefits.
We are already looking forward to next year to meet this growing community. Hope to see you there!


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