Workday Rising US 2018- Keynotes Highlights

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Date October 5th, 2018

Workday Rising is the most important meeting point with Workday’s community, where challenges, culture, inspiration and passion are the main highlights of innovation. Customers and partners found case studies, interactive courses, deep dive product demonstrations, and forums for customers to share best practices and ideas with each other.
In this opportunity, we covered Workday Rising Us 2018 – Las Vegas, to share with you all the newest application improvements and insights about innovation.

 Check our recap of the main announcements:

Workday Innovation Keynote

The leadership team – Co-Founder And Chairman, Dave Duffield, and Chief Operating Officer Jim Bozzini, announced a number of new products focused on helping customers plan, execute, and analyze, all from a single system.

Some details of the announcements during the Innovation Keynote:

Leighanne Levensaler, Senior VP, Corporate Strategy, and Managing Director and Co-Head, Workday Ventures, explained the evolution of the Enterprise Cloud and how Workday is working on Artificial Intelligence (AI), as the last disruption feature: the prediction machine that learns from data to make accurate prediction. Workday is increasingly using AI across Workday products to generate predictions. She  said “Workday will take the information you have to generate information you don’t have, with systems that can learn from the data, identify patterns, and then inform decisions”.

Workday VP, Corporate Finance Barbara Larson and  Tim Bogan, CEO of Adaptive Insights announced the newest Workday Adoption Adaptive Insights as the Business Planning Cloud.
“We’ll deliver a unified data model, one security model, a common community, and, most importantly, a common user experience,” Bogan said.

Barbry McGann, Workday senior VP, product management announced skills cloud, an universal language for skills. Skills are the new currency and all Workday customers will have the opportunity to share and create a wide range of skills that could be used inside the Talent Marketplace and Candidate Matching in Workday 34. Barbry McGann also announced Workday Org Studio, a tool for design different kind of organizations where can be seen all organization levels, find positions and create new organizations with live data with a simple drag-and-drop user interface. This tool will be available in Workday 32.  

Betsy Bland, vice president, corporate strategy announced both the delivery of Workday Accounting Center in short-term and the use of Machine Learning inside Predictive Financial Applications which will allow customers strategic actions like Transaction matching, Anomalies Prediction, Recommendation of actions for resolutions and Intelligent Automation.

Workday Query Language and Workday People Analytics (Workday’s first augmented analytics application) were announced by  Pete Schlampp, Vice President of  Workday analytics. Both will be available in Workday 33.

Last announcement was in charge of David Clarke, Workday Senior VP of Technology Development. Open Workday Cloud Platform, will extend the Data Model (new fields into the system) and the processing Model, it will create new layouts and forms, and it will Build & Share Full-fledged Applications. These capabilities will expand out to more customers over the next 12 months. David Clarke also announced App Creator, a new tool that enables customers initiative complex interacciones through fields, layouts, videos, and forms.

What’s next?  Workday Rising Europe 2018 in Vienna next month. See you there for more updates, news and announcements.

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