Business agility in a fast-moving world

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Date November 1st, 2019

How decision-makers throughout the enterprise can become the change agents their businesses need.

As everybody may know, planning is one of the keys for digital transformation in organizations of all sizes and industries. Modern planning is helping businesses become more agile, manage their businesses better, and make smarter decisions faster.
In this context, 75% of finance executives say that change is challenging, because their organizations are not prepared to face digital transformation with the right mindset, talent, and tools. In this article we will share with you a new planning model to start seeing opportunities where now -as a less agile organization-  you can only find obstacles.
We all agree that an active planning is necessary to move forward, and that’s because planning is the meeting point between strategy and execution. Without active planning both,strategy and execution, are disjointed.
In static planning, the decision-making and insights are still exclusively managed at the top of the organizations) and those should be closer to whom run the business day-by-day. If not, when FP&A gets involved it’s often too late to shape the strategy. Irrelevant data even if based on strategy lead to difficulties for the FP&A  to “drive to the right strategic choices for the company” and thereby cannot live up to its vision.
The future belongs to agile: active planning is a strategic advantage for modern business.
Holding on to old habits and rear view perspectives, simply hinders moving forward with the velocity (that) it’s needed to win. The DNA of an agile company in large part grows out of its ability to create a plan that itself is agile. The main characteristics of an agile company is to create agile plans with willingness to embrace the truth: in business, (planning is important) everybody plans.
Nowadays successful organizations around the world are already adopting their own cultures of agility. Orchestrated by finance, company-wide planning provides data-driven insight to the people closest to the business, allowing them to collaborate in real time on departmental and functional plans. These (plans) feed into the strategic corporate plan. Finance and business users alike have confidence knowing they’re all working from a single source of data.
In these organizations the leaders are showing the way forward—continuous planning is key to agility.
Adaptive Insights make planning easy to take smarter decisions, faster.
It’s proven that companies report stronger performance when they embrace agile ways of working: eliminating bureaucracy, data duplicity and process silos, building a workforce with modern skills, and prioritizing technologies that evolve along with them.
Embracing the reality that “everybody plans Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud is designed to support an entire suite of domain-specific solutions for sales, marketing, HR, and operations.
This solution enables departments and functions to quickly and easily model any part of a business. That’s a powerful capability that along with analytics on data and metrics from across the organization. It helps people make more informed decisions and understand what is happening with the business and all based in the cloud.
Workday customers with Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud now have a single unified system to plan, execute, and analyze their businesses. Customers experience a single source for data, a single security model, a single user experience, and one community for planning, and ERP and human capital management (HCM) business execution and analysis. That means Adaptive Insights and Workday come together, not through services-led integration projects, but through the products themselves.
Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloudplan to execute” allows Workday Financial Management users to more effectively control spending based on approved budgets. It makes it easy for managers to start the process of creating a position in Workday Human Capital Management as soon as the position has a budgetary approval. 
With change accelerating and imposing new pressures on decision-makers, it’s now the moment to modernize business planning into something everyone does collaboratively, continuously and comprehensively. Change doesn’t have to be a challenge, it can be an opportunity to gain agility and the competitive advantage that comes with it.
If  you are ready to take your business to the next level, do not hesitate to contact us. Let’s keep moving forward together!
Adaptive Insights Company Overview
Adaptive Insights, a Workday company, is powering a new generation of business planning. Driving business agility in a fast-moving world, Adaptive Insights Business Planning Cloud leads the way for people in companies to collaborate, gain insights, and make smarter decisions, faster. Powerful modeling for any size organization, yet so easy for everybody who plans.
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