What's new for WD 2021 R1: Absence

Author Juan Andrés RonJuan Andrés Ron
Date March 12th, 2021

 As releases continue to come out, Workday continues to improve the operations of the Absence module, turning it into a unique, long-range and user friendly tool. With this new release, the system continues optimizing functionalities, reducing manual effort in most of them due to automation. Check this overview of the improvements that Workday offers in R12021 in terms of the absence module.
From March of this year onwards, we will be able to enjoy the enhancements that the Workday 2021 R1 brings to the Workday community. One of the most exciting improvements is the “Pause Annual Time Off Accruals” which now allows the employee to stop accumulating days while on leave. Until today, this could be achieved through calculations, but now we can achieve it by accessing the task, “Create or Edit Accrual”, navigating into the “Time Off Plan Override tab” and selecting “Custom Frequency” for your Accrual Frequency Method.
We also have improvements in the way we generate the calculations in the system. Now we have a “Step-Based Calculations” that allows us to generate calculations by steps depending on the different scenarios, avoiding creating several as a result. Another new functionality is related to the work schedules. “Scheduling Effect Leave Impact” enables you to flag leave types to indicate if workers can still be scheduled to work while on the leave type, helping you to create more accurate schedules in your organization. 
The enhancements  mentioned above without a doubt can have a significant impact on most of the customers who enjoy this module, however, the one that will have the greatest impact in this new release is that of “Segmented Security for Time Off” which enables you to use segmented security to control who can request or correct time off types. In this same way, this update will allow us to stop using the validations, condition rules and help texts that we have configured in the business processes today, to control it in a more accurate, segmented and global way.
We all expected functionalities that could reduce manual efforts and generate greater control over the different components, therefore, we are really looking forward to Workday 2021 R1. If you want to know any of the other functionalities or know a little more about the commented ones, you can go explore this Community post 
 BNB Team recommends: 
We suggest that customers who currently use the module carefully review each and every one of the new features as many may be adjusted to their system preferences and customers who do not have the module, to carry out a careful analysis of the pros and cons of its implementation since they have a platform with a super intuitive and automated mechanism that will allow you to have better control over the absences of their employees.
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