What’s new in WD 2021 R1: Benefits

Author Alberto SintasAlberto Sintas
Date March 12th, 2021

The Benefits module is one of the most sensitive modules due to its impact on the employee’s well-being conditions. That’s why Workday continues to enhance the experience in this module with the release of three new enhancements.
Let’s explore these enhancements available with Workday 2021 R1 together.
Customize Enrollment Instructions for Coverage Types.
In this improvement Workday includes the possibility of adding new help texts for each of the types of coverage that we have available, events that we are using and for each group of Benefits.
These texts can be customized, including adding external links to add more information about the type of conditions and coverages that we are using.
Enrollment Events Redesign.
This feature is intended for customers working with benefits in Canada and using the Sun Life integration. Workday offers workers the ability to overcredit the HSA when they use the redesigned enrollment experience. This amount is stored in a field that can later be added in reports and integrations.
Mobile Enrollment Events.
With this improvement, Workday continues to improve the user experience by registering for events on other platforms with the creation of a new field that detects from which device we are accessing the system. With this field you can create custom rules in the processes so that they apply differently when accessed from a specific device.
BNB Team recommends:
We suggest to customers who currently use the module to carefully review each and every one of the new features as many may be adjusted to their system preferences and customers who do not have the module, to carry out a careful analysis of the pros and cons of its implementation since they have a platform with a super intuitive and automated mechanism that will allow you to have better control over the benefits of their employees.
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