What's new for WD 2021 R1: Talent

Author Carlos AyalaCarlos Ayala
Date March 12th, 2021

Workday is constantly working to improve overall user experience. With Workday 2021 R1 expect a better management of all your implemented areas allowing you to get more efficient work. You will be able to move your projects forward by bringing the rights tools into them. Let’s explore together some of the top features of this release for the Talent module

  •  The top Talent features are focused in various skills related categories and tasks, goals, calibration and employee reviews.There are many new benefits, such as the ability to configure which skills are critical for a specific job category, job profile, supervisory organization, or tenant.
  • One of the new changes comes with the My Goals report, Workday updated the individual goals and now it is displaying the Create Goal button instead of Edit Goal when the worker doesn’t have any goals; if a Worker has a goal, then the two buttons are displayed.
  • There’s an update with the Pending Approval goal status label on the My Goals report to Needs Revising, with this change workers can now more easily understand that they need to make updates.
  • Workday also improves the ability to manage skills categories, now you have the option to create, delete or edit them, you can do this individually or applying it to multiple categories.
  • There are also updates in the Maintain Skills report: now it enables you to delete any maintained skill, regardless of where it is being used, helping you to determine the impact of deleting a skill. Workday updated the Delete Skill page to display additional areas where a skill is being used; when this happens, Workday removes the skill from where it is being used, and if a user has the skill on their profile, Workday replaces the deleted skill with a crowdsourced skill.
  • The changes also come to the reporting of the skills data, there are new fields, filters, data sources and new workday delivered reports. With these changes, you will be able to get and manipulate information in your custom reports in a much better structured way.
  • As a closure of the skills segment, there are some changes applied to the related web services, there are updates to the skill items categories, addition of new fields to some of the web services and the removal of validations to the skill category enhancements on some web services. This will help you to apply the use of the web services in more processes with a better approach.
  • Another of the top changes comes with the Manage Calibration report: now Workday no longer displays the most recent calibration data and delivers a new Data Last Updated field with this report, it is recommended to manually refresh the in-progress calibration event data to view any changes that could occur between the data refreshes, this can be done with another new feature; the Manage Calibration Update Task.
  • Workday now delivers a new nBox Cell Limit prompt that can be used to set the maximum number of workers visible per cell in the calibration nBox. When you do this, Workday automatically selects the value of all the calibration events launched, this can also be done with the Facilitate Calibration task.
  • Another update comes with the guided experience user interface for employee reviews: Workday updates approval steps to use the Guided Experience user Interface instead of the Guided Editor interface, making the employee review process more seamless. Workday now displays manager and employee acknowledgements at the top of the Acknowledgements page. It was also renamed the Acknowledgement Section for Employee Review label to Acknowledgement.

BNB Team recommends:
We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with the information and terminology used by Workday.

  • If you are expecting one specific update, and don’t see the change in your tenant, take in considerations that some of the updates need a previous set up, and others are automatically available, you can check this in the Workday 2021R1 report in the Setup effort section.
  • Review the list of Brainstorm ideas targeted for delivery in Workday 2021 Release 1
  • To track delivery plans for a feature, you can do this by reading the Workday What’s New Post and search for the specific feature to get the updated delivery information, you can also subscribe to that post to receive notifications in case there are further changes.

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